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A switch to RT Federal Credit Union is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Start New

One of our Member Experience Specialists will help you choose the services that are right for you. They will help you open your accounts and order your checks and debit card. You can begin to use this account right away, while waiting for your direct deposit and automatic withdrawals to switch to RTFCU.

2. Switch your Direct Deposits and Automatic Withdrawals to your new account.

Most employers have forms you need to complete with your HR department or you may use our convenient Switch Kit. For Social Security, call the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213. This can be done right over the phone, use the numbers at the bottom of your new RTFCU checks. For automatic withdrawals, a form is included to use, or contact the organization by phone. Automatic charges to your account that are done online with your debit card need to be done online with your new debit card numbers.

3. Close your former accounts.

Leave enough money in your former accounts to allow outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear during the change. Do not close until you are sure everything has cleared and switched over to your new RTFCU accounts. We have included a form for you to use for this.

Thank you for choosing RTFCU for your financial needs. We hope the information in this Switch Kit will help make the transition to your new RTFCU account seamless.


Call (315) 336-7810 and let one of our Member Experience Specialists help you.

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