Fraud Prevention

Credit Sense

Protect yourself. Credit Sense is a free service provided by RT Federal Credit Union to our members.


  • Daily monitoring of your credit report to help protect against identity theft and alerts you by email if a key change is detected,
  • Instant access to your credit score, tracking of changes over time, and suggestions to improve it,
  • Information about offers specifically available to you from RTFCU, and
  • Access to hundreds of articles to aid in improving financial literacy.

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Identity Theft Member Awareness Program

Each year more and more Americans have their identity stolen and RT Federal Credit Union wants to give you the information you need to help protect yourself against identity theft.

What We Do

  • RTFCU cannot guarantee that your ID will never be stolen, but we will NEVER request personal information by email or text messaging including account numbers, passwords, personal identification information or any other confidential member information.
  • RTFCU will never contact you and ask for your debit/credit card number or you full SSN. If we need to contact you, it will always be done in a manner that protects your personal, confidential information and we will clearly identify ourselves. We will not ask you for information we already have.
  • RTFCU works with local regulatory and law enforcement departments to be certain any type of illegal activity is stopped as soon as possible. We have multi-layer security to protect your confidential information and will continue to be vigilant in protecting it.

What You Can Do

  • Fraudulent emails which request personal or confidential information, may be designed to appear as though they are originated from RTFCU. If this information is requested in an email, even if it appears to be from RTFCU, please do not respond or go to any links listed on the email.
  • Please immediately report any suspicious emails or websites to RTFCU by forwarding the message to If you suspect identity theft or have any questions regarding this notice, please contact us at (315) 336-7810.


Each year scam artists and identity thieves steal billions of dollars from unsuspecting consumers. These criminals use the phone, email, text messaging, postal mail and the internet to steal your information or trick you into handing over your money.

Learn how to recognize common scams, take action if you think you are a victim of fraud and learn what you can do to protect your finances from fraud.

NCUA's Fraud Prevention Center

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